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This protocol is for the graded return to normal activities following lock-down during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines do not supersede any other government regulations or medical guidelines issued by the South African Football Association (SAFA). The initial protocol is for return to training with further additions to the protocol added as needed. All people working at clubs, affiliated to Rand Central, will have to be fully compliant, with every aspect of this protocol, at all times for the safety of all individuals working at the respective clubs.

Player safety is our first priority, please read through the new protocols & procedures thoroughly in order for all players to contribute to a conducive environment for all involved.

All clubs are to appoint a Covid-19 compliance officer, in writing, who will ensure that all protocols will be followed and adhered to. The appointment letter must have a confidentiality clause because they will be handling very delicate and confidential information.

General Info

The layout, design and functionality of the new programme must ensure that maximum social distancing, proper sanitisation, temperature recording and the wearing of masks will take place.

  • All parents/guardians are required to complete and return club consent and indemnity form before their child can resume training.
  • Sessions should take place in groups of maximum 25 players per coach.
  • Players should be requested to arrive 15 min prior to the commencement of their session.
  • Players must arrive at their session in their full training clothes or gear.
  • If bathroom facilities are available permission from coaches is required and only one player at a time can enter the facility.
  • Masks must be worn and hands must be fully sanitised upon returning to the field.
  • There must be no sharing of bottles or using the club taps.
  • All coaches must have their temperatures taken and recorded daily, their hands regularly sanitised and must always be required to wear their masks during training sessions. Sanitizers to contain minimum 60% alcohol.
  • Request that parents do their best to drop off and collect their child as close to the allocated time as possible if you are having staggered sessions.
  • Players are strongly discouraged from ‘hanging around’, before and after their session.
  • Any player or parent failing to comply with these guidelines must be asked to leave the training session and premises immediately and without exception.

Upon arrival

  • All players and parents must be required to wear a mask.
  • Players will be required to report to the admin desk to have to have their details/attendance confirmed (for contact tracing), temperature recorded and hands sanitised before entering the field.

○ Players with a high temperature (38° C or more) will not be permitted to enter the field and must return home (parents will be notified).

○ Players with temperature above 37 C must be asked to sit in a quarantine area for 10 mins then can be retested. If temperature is ok then can resume training.

  • Parents must wait to verify that their players’ temperatures are acceptable for them to take part in the training or match before departing.
  • Once temperature recording and hand sanitising has taken place at the admin desk, players must immediately make their way to their allocated training area.
  • Players will not be allowed to ‘kick around’ with their friends before the session starts. Once at their training area, coaches will keep them busy until it’s time for the session to start.
  • Parents/guardians/drivers are asked to drop their children off and either exit the club or remain in their vehicles until their child is finished and ready to be collected.
  • NO parents must be permitted to enter the playing areas for any reason during a training session. Parents can visit the admin desk at any time for any information required.
  • Parents watching training sessions from the side of the field are to wear masks at all times and adhere to all Covid-19 protocols (i.e. sanitising, social distancing)

Training protocols and procedures

  • No formal contact, of any kind, will be permitted between players and coaches before, during or after training sessions.
  • If there are a number of sessions operating at the same time, each training area must be a reasonable distance apart.
  • Players must remain in their designated training area at all times.
  • Players need to bring their own water bottles and remain in their zones during water breaks and when coach gives instructions before each drill or activity.
  • Face masks can be removed during sessions but must be worn once the players leave their designated training area.
  • The nature of the game however, dictates that players will inevitably come into contact with one another during certain exercises or activities. Try to minimise these drills as much as possible.
  • Hand sanitiser (Minimum 60% alcohol) must be freely available for any player during sessions.
  • All training equipment must be sanitised daily before and after each training session.
  • Players should not be allowed to pick up or touch any of the equipment with their hands, including balls, markers, poles and goals. Balls should be kept on the floor at all times and no throw ins/headers should be used.
  • Players are to use only their feet when collecting balls (with the exception of goalkeepers who are required to wear their gloves).
  • The use of bibs should be minimised, if used at all. If bibs are used they must be tucked into shorts and not worn over training kit.

 After training sessions

  • Players are required to sanitise their hands.
  • Masks must be put back on.
  • Once the coach has sanitised and dismissed players they are to leave the field immediately.
  • NO players should be permitted to stay behind or play on the fields once their session has finished ● Where possible there should be a supervised waiting area allocated (with social distancing) alongside the training area where players can wait for their parents and be collected.
  • We further suggest that the players full training kit or gear is thoroughly washed as soon as they arrive at home. Friendly Matches All the above protocols are to be followed for any friendly matches organised. In addition to the above protocols the following must also be implemented.
  • It is the duty of the home team to submit the operational plan with details of the match to the FAP COVID Compliance Officer.
  • All match balls to be sanitized before the match.
  • No showering at the match venue allowed.
  • Sharing of water bottles is strictly prohibited.
  • No shaking of hands before the match.
  • All people seating on the bench should wear facemasks all the time and practice physical distancing of 2 meters. The coach or any other person who stands up to issue instructions may lower the mask for that short period.
  • Only the coach and the rest of the technical staff should sit at the bench.
  • The substitutes should sit on the stands behind their bench with masks on and maintain a 2-meter distance between them. Where the ground does not have a stand, the substitutes must sit behind the bench and observe the protocols listed above.
  • All kit staff must wear surgical gloves when collecting and distributing kit.
  • Each club must ensure that they have enough sanitizers.

Administration Legislation

The following is required as per National Legislation and is directed by SAFA. Clubs must ensure that the following records are kept.

  • Incident Report of all affected persons. This is to be submitted to the Rand Central Compliance officer.
  • Investigation report.
  • A report for the COVID COMMAND CENTRE
  • A register to be kept for every training session as well as every match.
  • All above documents to available for inspection.

Once all the Compliance officers have been elected by the clubs the FAP Compliance officer will arrange a training session to ensure that all compliance officers are up to date with all requirements.

We thank you for working with us in this regard. It is a difficult proposition for all of us and at times it can be difficult for the players to understand but this is necessary at this instance for the training to commence.